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Master The Gimp PLR Video Series:

How would you like to create your own beautiful web 2.0 graphics, icons and buttons - and do all these in just minutes?

Even though you have no previous experience or have never created a piece of JPEG in your life, as long as you can point and click, I guarantee you too will be able to produce professional web design pieces after going through my video tutorials.

Let's keep this short and snappy so here goes...

We have compiled and released a series of 27 videos on how to setup a free software called GNU Image Manipulation Program (or GIMP) - and learn how to:

  • Make Web 2.0 shiny buttons using GIMP
  • Create image reflections and shadows
  • Create Web 2.0-style text logos with shadow reflection
  • Create awesome web 2.0 striped style header
  • And Much More...!

Here's the list of 27 Videos:

Video 01 - How To Install The Gimp ver 2.4
Video 02 - Getting Started
Video 03 - Introduction To The User Interface
Video 04 - How To Use The Rectangle Tool
Video 05 - How To Use The Freehand Tool
Video 06 - How To Use Color & Fuzzy Tools
Video 07 - How To Use Scissors Select Tool
Video 08 - How To Use The Foreground Select Tool
Video 09 - How To Use The Paths Tool
Video 10 - How To Use The Color Picker Tool
Video 11 - How To Use The Zoom Tool
Video 12 - How To Use The Measure Tool
Video 13 - How To Use The Move Tool
Video 14 - How To Use The Align Tool
Video 15 - How To Use The Transform Tools
Video 16 - How To Use The Text Tool
Video 17 - How To Use The Bucket Fill Tool
Video 18 - How To Use Blend/Gradient Tool
Video 19 - How To Use The Brush Tools
Video 20 - How To Use These 6 Brush Tools
Video 21 - How To Create And Install Your Own Brushes
Video 22 - An Introduction To The Layers
Video 23 - How To Edit PhotoShop Images
Video 24 - How To Make Your Images Transparent
Video 25 - How To Use The Save Function
Video 26 - An Introduction To Script-FU
Video 27 - How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics

PLR License:

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* [NO] Can Pass Master Resale Rights

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* Under no circumstances, you are allowed to pass the video source code files (avi files) to your customers. They are strictly for you to use for editing and rebranding purposes.

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