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Run Your Business Using Google  PLR Video Series

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Run Your Business Using Google PLR Video Series:

Finally, A Tutorial Series That's GUARANTEED To Help You Master Google Infrastructure & Make Business Communications & Information Sharing A Breeze!

* Are you looking for a better way to manage emails, document sharing, websites, domain registration and more?

* Would you like to feel confident that all your employees were grouped correctly to securely receive and share essential business information?

* Do you want to make business communication faster and more user friendly with a complete system that manages the full spectrum of tools you require?

Here's the list of 12 Videos:

Video 1 - Setting up a Google account
Video 2 - What services are available?
Video 3 - Initial Service Settings ? Part 1
Video 4 - Initial Service Settings ? Part 2
Video 5 - Initial Service Settings ? Part 3
Video 6 - Initial Service Settings ? Part 4
Video 7 - Creating user groups and users
Video 8 - Overview of Services ? Part 1
Video 9 - Overview of Services ? Part 2
Video 10 - Overview of Services ? Part 3
Video 11 - Overview of Services ? Part 4
Video 12 - Advanced Tools

PLR License:

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* [NO] Can Pass Master Resale Rights

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* Under no circumstances, you are allowed to pass the video source code files (avi files) to your customers. They are strictly for you to use for editing and rebranding purposes.

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